September 27-28, 2019 Granville Island, Vancouver, BC
Limited seats available
Expert Insights

Glean industry-leading insights from health and wellness pioneers so you can live your best life.

Actionable Takeaways

Take home a list of actionable takeaways that you can personalize to your lifestyle.

Innovative Experiences

Share a mix of inspirational, analytical and introspective experiences with like-minds.

Network Opportunities

Make new connections with leaders in healthcare and a tribe of wellness warriors.

You are invited to create a space with experts and early adopters alike to share emerging wisdom about the human mind and body. In a world full of noise about wellness and healing, the Whole Human Summit is an informed, encouraging, and nuanced exploration into the frontiers of health.

This two-day event thoughtfully curated by co-producers Pamela Lincez, PhD, and Michelle Martin, and their advisors, follows the Whole Human Foundation philosophy of unleashing evidence-based health knowledge. The schedule featuring speakers who are at the forefront of innovation in mental wellbeing, microbiome and genetic research, and the future of medicine can be found here.

This Summit will focus on solution-building across sectors as part of our collective journey of understanding the multitude of ways we can optimize our health and wellbeing – from the genetic code written by our DNA through to our state of mind. The transformative discussions and discoveries facilitated at the workshops will transcend beyond the Summit itself as we continue to unearth life-changing insights emanating from the leading edge of science.

Whether you are a health innovator, wellness entrepreneur, scientist, physician, or someone who lives with complex health problems in their daily life, join us at the Whole Human Summit where we will integrate and build upon perspectives on health and wellbeing.

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Holden Bonwit
Holden is a finance and strategy consultant, focused on designing, testing, and scaling up innovative business models. His passion is helping very early stage social enterprises with positive social & environmental impact.
Lyren Chiu
Dr. Chiu is President and Executive Director of the Canadian Research Institute of Spirituality and Healing. Dr. Chiu believes that spirituality is an important quality of human being which should not be neglected or dismissed because of the limitation of our understanding about science.
Iron Eman
Eman is an energetic motivational coach who is passionate about finding inner strength to pursue one’s goals, no matter how far fetched they seem. She is the founder of Iron Self, a coaching business that focuses on unfiltered vulnerability to empower the self, or as she likes to call it ‘Find Your Iron Self’.
Elder Roberta Price & Dr. David Tu
Leaders in Indigenous Health & Healing
A team dedicated to uniting traditional Indigenous with mainstream health care practices
Dr. Lawrence Cheng
Integrative Practitioner
Dr. Cheng is trained in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, has a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University, as well as is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.
Dr. Caroline Coombs
Naturopathic Doctor
Caroline's practice blends recent scientific research and traditional holistic wisdom, approaching wellness from the foundations of sleep, digestion, nutrition, movement & stress management.