Be Bold, Keep Growing and Never Stop Learning.
Whole Human Summit events are uniting a community of wellbeing seekers and solution-builders on the West Coast.

Our purpose is to create a space to share health knowledge and empower each other to live our best lives, at our peak performance, so that we can do more good in the world.

Hello, from our current and past contributors.

Pamela Lincez, PhD
Executive Director, Whole Human Foundation
Co-Founder & Producer, Whole Human Summit
Producer/Writer, Whole Story Film

Pam is a chronic disease researcher, educator and creative entrepreneur on a mission to inspire personal health action through education and knowledge dissemination activities. I am currently leading communications and marketing strategy for the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health and producing The Whole Human Summit- a convergence of dialogues and workshops on the frontiers of health. I am also an educator of life sciences courses at UBC, SFU, Quest U and leading communications for the Citizen Science program at Bard College in New York. A proponent of women in science, I have recently joined the board of the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology to help direct strategic development, grants and fundraising efforts.

Chad Weir
Event Producer, Whole Human Summit 2019
Founder + Principal, The Cognizance GroupDisRupTivE Media
Co-Founder, WIRTH Hats

Chad is a social entrepreneur, consultant, contractor, project manager, event director and marketing specialist with a focus on human development, leadership, health, wellness and change management. He has spent most of his life exploring human development, leadership, business development and global change management. He is currently focused on understanding the concept of the tipping point, developing his leadership capacity, while facilitating a global shift in education, health and wellness. Chad is the Founder + Principal of the The Foundation Project, The Cognizance Group, DisRupTivE Events, DisRupTivE Media, Sports Wellness Summit/Sessions, and Co-Founder of Lasting Health and CoCreative Sex Summit.