Day 2


Saturday September 28, 2019

Conversations @ The Improv Centre, Granville Island Theatre District

The conversation events of the day, featuring experienced hosts and panelists, will use the unpanel structure, an open sourced panel format that incorporate deeper audience engagement, interaction and learning.

These are the topics we’ll explore:

  • Culture Shifting Medicine
  • Medicinal Plants for Healing
  • Myth-busting the Immune System
  • Paths to Personal and Group Resilience – Hosted by Blair Kaplan, Founder, I Am Resilient Project
  • Nutrition for Optimal Health
  • Advances in Fundamental Wellbeing


Interactive Sessions @ The Nest & The FishBowl on Granville Island

These special limited capacity sessions will take place at different locations and times throughout the day, providing a forum for Summit participants to engage in deep conversations, experience new states of being and learn new self-actualization skills. These sessions will include:

  • Conscious, Connected Breathwork with Edward Dangerfield
  • Value-based leadership with Kristin Constable
  • Illumination Meditation for Well-Being with Robyn Ziebell


Your Emcee for the summit

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Your Day 2 Faculty

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