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Be Bold, Grow Your Mindset, & Never Stop Learning.
Whole Human Summit events are uniting a community of wellbeing seekers and solution-builders.

Our purpose is to create a space to share health knowledge and empower each other to live healthy lives so that we can do more good in the world.

Whole Human Summit events focus on solution-building for whole health (mind, body and spirit) through evidence-driven conversations and workshops led by health leaders. The goal is to share multi-disciplinary insights that empower people to better navigate their health. We are a small, but mighty nonprofit that stands for radical inclusiveness in our production team, faculty and topics. We will continue to do our part to ensure everyone has access to health and wellness knowledge.

Hello, from our current and past contributors.

Pamela Lincez, PhD
Executive Director, Whole Human Foundation
Co-Founder & Producer, Whole Human Summit
Producer/Writer, Whole Story Film

Pam is an autoimmune and infectious disease scientist, scientific communications and marketing professional, educator and creative entrepreneur. She is on a mission to inspire personal health action through education and knowledge dissemination activities. She co-founded, leads and produces the Whole Human Summit. A proponent for social change, she has volunteered as a board member for the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology to support programming for equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM and Pam has helped produce low-to-no budget films that support immigrant and Indigenous women empowerment.


Dhalie Patara
Advisor and Co-Producer, Whole Human Summit 2020
Director of Finance, Board Member Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology 

Dhalie Patara is a Board Member and Director of Finance at SCWIST (Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology). She has over 20 years of experience as a project manager, including 10 years of clinical solutions delivery in healthcare.

Dhalie Patara Plischke Whole Human Director

Eman Salem
Accountability Champion, Whole Human Summit Faculty
Motivational Coach & Founder, Iron Self

Eman is an empowerment coach and public speaker. She uses the art of compassion and vulnerability to foster radical self expression, which leads us to make our goals and dreams a reality. Her business IronSelf focuses on redefining terms such as health, happiness, and success, creating space for radical authenticity and radical confidence. After 10 years in the corporate world, she shifted her focus to building a strong and compassionate community. She is a board member for The Yoga Buggy, an organization that facilitates and delivers high quality yoga for children with different accessibility needs. She is a social justice activist, an epic pie maker, a silly dancer, and a cold ocean dipper.

Eman Salem

Manpreet Dhillon
Advisor, Whole Human Summit 2020
CEO, Founder, Veza Global

Manpreet Dhillon is an equity, diversity and inclusion specialist for industries and countries with a special lens as a leadership coach for women with culturally diverse backgrounds who want to have an equal seat at the table with equal pay. As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for health and women in leadership.

Chad Weir
Event Producer, Whole Human Summit 2019 
Advisor, Whole Human Summit 2020

Founder + Principal, The Cognizance GroupDisRupTivE Media
Co-Founder, WIRTH Hats

Chad is a technology, human development and change management researcher. A social entrepreneur, consultant, contractor, project manager, event director and marketing specialist with a focus on human development, leadership, health and wellness. He is currently focused on understanding the concept of the tipping point, developing his leadership capacity, while facilitating a global shift in education, health and wellness. 

Chad Weir

Ronel Alberts
Technology Advisor, Whole Human Foundation

Executive Board Member, SCWIST (Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology)

Ronel has over 20 years of global IT consulting experience focusing on Business Analysis. Her goal is to elevate non-profits through the improved use of technology. She is an LGBTQ2S+ advocate.

Ronel Alberts

Isabel Ruiz
Project Manager, Whole Human Foundation

Isabel is originally from California, but here in Canada for schooling at UBC studying business. She plays on the JV field hockey team and loves to bake in her free time.

Alya Sinuhaji
Community Engagement Coordinator, Whole Human Foundation

Alya studies at the University of British Columbia with a focus on psychology and a minor in Health and Society. Her interests in health developed through volunteering with marginalized communities and collaborating with others to overcome prevalent inequities.

Janice Park
Volunteer Research Project Coordinator, Whole Human Summit

Janice is currently a 4th-year student studying Behavioural Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia. Her work with children and adolescents with developmental disabilities has inspired her to take a comprehensive approach in promoting neuropsychological well-being and raising mental health awareness.

Shelby Bains
WHF Social Media Coordinator, Whole Human Foundation

Shelby is a grade 12 student looking forward to study business in post secondary. She is passionate about making a positive impact in her community. To achieve her goal, she aspires to become an entrepreneur and open her own business that contributes to solving a variety of problems facing Canadians.

Preetkaran Singh
Volunteer Coordinator, Whole Human Foundation

Preet studies Psychology at the University of British Columbia. He enjoys working with people and looks forward to attending school for working as a therapist after his undergrad.