Maryam Mobini

Maryam Mobini is the Transformative Technology Chapter Lead in Vancouver, Canada. She is the Co-founder and CEO of a transformative technology company, to:Resonate and to:Resonate Talk Series – Designing for the Invisible™. She is a curator of therapeutic immersive experiences, design researcher, Behavior Designer, Tiny Habits® Certified Coach who helps you to create positive inner-shift and headspace by overcoming automatic negative thoughts (ANTS). to:Resonate stems from four years of interdisciplinary research conducted by founders Mark Nazemi and Maryam Mobini at hospitals and clinics in Vancouver, BC. They were able to reduce pain, anxiety and overcome ANTs in people suffering from chronic pain within 5 minutes. to:Resonate is an evidenced-based immersive AI sonic engine that generates personalised real-time composition based on an individual’s physiological data and sensitivity to sound.

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